What will things look like tomorrow – and the day after?

The long-term experience accumulated in successfully employing an instrument or a tool enables the full extraction of its potential value. The gathered experience is the basis for coping with challenging situations in the future, making consistent decisions and yielding strong results. 
Similarly, our team has in excess of 450 years of cumulative financial experience, gathered in 10 countries across 5 continents. Our diverse team has conducted business in 8 languages and has gone through 11 financial crises.

A strong team.

Integrity and Transparency.

Our moral and ethical compass lies at the very core of all our activities. While integrity is a fundamental prerequisite, our transparency provides for its verifiability.

Alignment of Interests.

We share with our clients one common long-term objective with no conflicts of interest: both the client and Lakefield Partners benefit from the achievement of the client’s goals. Our only source of income is the fees we receive from our clients.

Our services are fairly priced, while at the same time, we negotiate attractive conditions on behalf of our clients with custodian banks. The cost advantages accrue continuously, thus improving net returns in the long run.

Commitment to Quality.

In a world filled with viable alternatives, the quality of our solutions will be decisive for our long-term success. Our drive for quality goes beyond good investment performance including impeccable client service and spotless implementation.

Direct access.

Our clients have direct and personal access to the portfolio managers. With the full transparency of their investment portfolios, our clients are equipped to understand the decisions and performance of their assets at all times.

Seamlessly monitored by FINMA.

Lakefield Partners is among the minority of independent asset managers that are supervised directly by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA. Basically, this means that Lakefield Partners is an asset management company fulfilling the highest regulatory requirements.